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Italian Greyhounds

My name is Cherie Tulk and i live in South Australia with my family and my dogs. My four daughters Tamara, Courtney, Zaria and little Jordan all share the love for dogs and are involved with me in the showing and handling.


I have been showing and breeding dogs for a number of years now. My first breed was the Akita Inu i have also been involved with the Dogue De Bordeux.


As a complete change from the big beautiful dogs i have moved into the Italian Greyhounds. Since owning Italian Greyhounds for the past few years i have come to understand what a graceful fun little dogs the iggis are. I have been involved with the Italian Greyhounds now since 2008 when my first boy was born. This boy is just a pet now and although he is a stunning boy he grew to big for the showring.

Here is a photo of me and my beautiful girl Vi

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