My Puppies


We support desexing of pets to help control the backyard and farmed production of puppies for profit and as a protection against the cancers that can occur in the reproductive areas of some older dogs. To this we have decided to desex all puppies before they leave. We have spoken to the vets and they have said it is not a problem to desex  babies in small breeds.

When i have pups available my pups come desexed vaccinated microchipped registered papers free 6 weeks pet insurance and a vet health certificate.

I do all transfers for you.

You also have me for life of the puppy from asking questions or if something happens in life and  you can no longer keep the pup. You and your puppy is part of my family so I welcome them back with open arms and any stage in life.

I love getting updates of them from time to time.

I vaccinate the pups at 8 weeks of age when they also get desexed. 
I don't allow people to come and see the puppies until they are vaccinated. 
As parvo can kill puppies so quickly. They are my first Priority

Updated on 14/11/2022

BLUES are not RARE colours and neither are any other colours. Please DON'T  be conned by a breeder to say they are 


I have transported interstate and now overseas to New Zeland. I can arrange transport of your puppy or you can do it yourself. 

I use a company called ANIMAL TRANSPORT here in adelaide.  They are a great company and they are always happy to answer any questions regarding transport

jersey boy1.jpg
jersey boy2.jpg

boy 2

boy 3

I have 2 boys for sale. the boys they are ready to go from the 16th dec 2022

skye group.jpg

 .  .  .  .  .  .

From this litter there will be 2 males. I havent decided which ones will be for sale yet they will be ready to leave from the 27th dec